Fish and More is Your Local Fishmonger Selling Quality Frozen at sea Fish and More Direct to Your Door

Fish and More is Your Local Fishmonger Selling Quality Frozen at sea Fish and More Direct to Your Door

Buy Prawns Online

Buy Prawns Online Products

Prawns are an incredibly versatile seafood and with Fish and More you can buy frozen prawns online.

Fish and More are your local fishmonger and is a family run business with over 20 years experience so whether you want to buy raw prawns or buy king prawns from us, you are getting that straight from the sea fresh taste in every mouthful.

Frozen Tiger Prawns

Our frozen tiger prawns are caught from clear sea waters around Indonesia and are then Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) within two hours of being caught, to give you all the flavour you would expect.

Our frozen tiger prawns are wild caught and not farmed, so you get the highest quality in natural taste straight from the sea to deliver a mouth-watering flavour that is hard to beat.

They are perfect for using in prawn recipes and you can buy tiger prawns from our online shop for complete convenience.

Buy Prawns Online

You can buy prawns online from Fish and More, your local fishmonger with delivery across the UK including:

Our prawns are very high quality, full of flavour and as fresh as the day they were caught.

At Fish 4 You, we will never compromise on the quality of our prawns and it is why we only buy the best quality products from tried and trusted suppliers.

Nutritional Values Of Prawns

All seafood is really healthy and prawns are no different.

Packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins, prawns are low in calories, low in fat, rich in antioxidents and a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Cooking Raw Prawns From Frozen

Our raw prawns should be defrosted thoroughly before cooking and should be cooked until pink right through.

What Dishes Can Prawns Be Used In?

Prawns are incredibly versatile and can be eaten on their own or served with a crispy salad, marinated and cooked on a barbecue or used in creamy pasta dishes and Chinese dishes.

Try cooking with an Indian dish or serve on crusty bread with a cream cheese.

What Flavours Pair Well With Prawns?

There are many combinations of flavours that pair well with prawns and shrimps especially cream cheeses and seafood sauces.

But you could choose herbs such as fresh garlic, dill, parsley and chives mixed with butter and cooked on a barbecue.

Go for light fresh salads made with mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Or marinade with citrus fruits like lemon, lime and orange zest or try soy sauce, ginger and five spice for that Chinese style flavour.

Selected Frozen Prawn Recipes

We believe that our frozen prawns have a beautiful fresh taste on their own, but why not try some of our amazing recipes below?