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Welcome to our website, Fish 4 You, delivering quality fish and more direct to your door.

Fish 4 You is a leading supplier of:-

Freshly frozen fish, shellfish, meats, poultry and more with free delivery direct to your door.

We use top quality fish, seafood, meat and poultry for our great dishes that will delight you as it does for our customers.

We specialise in high quality products, handmade for freshness and succulent flavour.



Many of us have serious concerns about the Coronavirus. We wanted to get in touch to put your mind at rest regarding your fish deliveries. The virus is not food borne. It can only be transmitted through close contact with someone who is infected. We have no instances of the virus amongst our staff or in the immediate area.

As you would expect, we take hygiene extremely seriously.

None of our staff have contracted the virus and we monitor all our health daily.

Our daily cleaning routine is even more thorough than usual, of our premises and equipment.

When you buy from us the benefits we offer include:

Your order is delivered to your door so you can improve your social distancing by not having to mingle with all the shoppers in the supermarket.

And, we can even leave your order in a safe place if you don’t want to interact with the driver – when you order please tell us any special delivery requirements.

You can pay when you order by credit card, so you don’t have to handle any notes or coins.

We have plenty of stock. We’re not about to run out of stock of your favourites and we have wide range of fish, meats and poultry.

We have a very extensive range of freshly frozen fish, poultry and meat products and lots more restaurant quality foods. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

To place an order or for further information please contact Sam on 07879 624881 


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